PSN 2018 in Oslo has ended as it began: in glorious sunshine.  A corresponding feeling of light, warmth and optimism has characterized the entire conference, in which a strong, vibrant research community of Performance Studies scholars has witnessed a consistently high level of presentations and musical events.  These have led to deep questioning, carried out in a genuine spirit of curiosity and a desire to develop the field.

The Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research and Norwegian Academy of Music have been honoured to welcome delegates from around the world as first hosts of this event outside the UK.  They, and the PSN Committee have been delighted to see how well the Network has translated into this new, even more international, setting and to interact with friends old and new at this landmark conference.

The discussions and debates will continue in Huddersfield, which is to host the sixth edition of PSN in 2020!

Thank you all!


For the NMH PSN Development Team, and the PSN Committee,

Darla Crispin


Some snapshots from the conference: