PSN conferences have at their core the fostering of a deeper understanding of musical performance in all its aspects.  Building on this tradition, the Programme Committee for the Performance Studies Network Conference 2018 has adopted four generic strands and combined these with special sessions individually chosen for this particular event.

The four strands are as follows:

  • Creative processes in performance: composed/improvised/memorised traditions
  • Perspectives on performance: from composers/performers/listeners and including historical, analytical, psychological, pedagogical and philosophical viewpoints
  • Modes of performance: Notated/recorded/live music including embodied and gestural approaches, the role of technology in experimentation, auditory streaming, visual music, multimedia, social media, intertextuality and intermediality
  • Contexts for performance: performer/audience relationships, community music, music and familiarity, people and places

Proposals addressing any of these strands, singly or in combination, are especially welcome but the committee will also consider submissions dealing with any aspect of performance studies as it pertains to music.

Ivar Grydelands setup

Photo: Katinka Hustad

In addition, the committee invites proposals that harmonise with the following special theme:

  • ‘Lebensmelodien’: A developmental project and performance presentation devoted to novel approaches to Schubert Lieder will be carried out over the course of the Conference, led by Frank Havrøy. We invite expressions of interest for participation in this project through presentation proposals relevant to this area.

A special session with an invited panel of experts will be devoted to examining Performance Studies in relation to the current, volatile geopolitical situation, its ramifications for education and, in particular, the challenges concerning language and the instrumentalisation of research that has resulted.

Finally, performances that reveal the particular character of musical creativity in the Nordic countries will be interwoven with the conference presentations and discussions.

Call for Papers

Hand on double bass

Photo: Kyrre Lien